A Brief Meeting

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Due to the holiday and being busy in RL of late, I did not spend much time at all in SL. Tonight I was only on for less than 1/2 hour, but I was able to see my Master and my sister adira.

After speaking for a short time with the two of them, adira and I went to our kennel and lay down on our soft pillows before falling asleep.



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Tonight as I logged on, I suddenly crashed and was unable to log back in. I found out that the SIM had crashed just as I logged on. Finally I was relogged to a hub of some sort. I soon received a teleport from my Master.

My Master has a skybox/home that he lives in while outside of the SIM of Rarn. It is a very comfortable home, and very Gorean of course.

My sister adira also joined us, as well as another girl that I had not met before. She is new to the city of Rarn.

She is a very beautiful kajira, but do you notice something missing?? Look closely around her neck and you will see no collar! Apparently my Master also noticed this and as soon as the SIM was back up we all returned to the Tavern/kennels of Rarn.

There he quickly pulled out a collar and encircled it around her neck, demanding that she submit. She is for this time the property of the city of Rarn.

Adira Graduates

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Tonight as I logged on, My Master and my sister adira were getting ready to go to watch her dance. I asked if I may wear a silk as this was a special occasion. My Master allowed this. I only have one silk at this time, and as it happened, it is the same color as my sister Adira’s silks…so we were wearing a similar color.

adira, my lovely sister as she waited for her turn to dance.

adira actually graduated a while back, but had been unable to attend the graduating dance (due to rl vacation). I think she is beautiful.

At the beginning of adira’s dance, my Master blew on this pipe to make a beautiful sound. (Due to sl issues, I was unable to get a good picture while she was dancing 😦  )

I was surprised at the number of people that attended this event. There were 7 girls that danced, so of course their Master’s were there. For adira, there were a large number from the city of Rarn that came to watch her dance and show her support. They all love her! Due to lag I was unable to move any closer to my Master (unless I was sitting in her lap).

After this event, many returned back to their home and a few came to my Master’s Tavern. In many cities, women are not allowed to enter into the Tavern, as this is a place for the men to be to drink paga and to watch the girl’s dance. In Rarn, however, a free woman is allowed in the Tavern if accompanied by a male. The Mistress physician that my Master seems to like (in the lovely blue dress) sat nearby us at the event, as well as she joined him in the Tavern afterwards. She did ask if she would be safe from a collar if she joined us in the Tavern however. It seems she is not fond of the idea of wearing a collar!  🙂


First Class

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Adira is our Master’s first girl. She is very knowledgeable about the ways of Gor. Her job as first girl is to be sure that we learn the things we need to know. If we do not learn, then she will be punished by our Master for our mistakes. So, of course, we listen very carefully so that our Master will be proud to own us.  Today we had our first class and learned about the correct way to address the free, as well as the correct way to sit. Our first homework assignment is to write an essay about why we are a kajira.

adira, first girl.

my other sister (will insert name here…sorry) She is also “white silk”, which means that I shall not be alone when it comes the time for the blood auction. Sounds strange, does it not? A white silk is simply a kajira that has not been opened, or is still a virgin. A blood auction is not selling the kajira to the highest bidder, but is selling her virginity to the highest bidder. The kajira will remain the property of her current Master. Once she has been opened, or has lost her virginity, she is now considered  “red silk”.  A red silk kajira is more valuable…as a white silk kajira is frowned upon as one that needs much training and most Master’s do not wish nor have the patience to train a new girl.

kajira ameeka

When our Master came, we first went through the ritual of greeting him in the way that he likes. We must first get in to whipping position and remain silent until he acknowledges us. Then we are allowed to sit up and to approach our Master to kiss his boot, giving him a greeting. We again remain until he allows us to sit up once again.

He took us in the city and met one of the fw there. He seems to be fond of this fw, who is a physician and invited her to join him for a drink and to talk at the Inn. She accepted his offer and as they talked, I was able to serve my Master some tea. adira served the Lady some paga at her request. I am not sure what the relationship is between this fw and my Master, but it will be interesting to see if anything develops between the two of them.

I met also one of the other kajira of the city whose name is Boo. She does not belong to our Master, but works in the bakery. She did help to serve in the tavern however. As a kajira, you serve wherever you are needed (with your Master or Mistress’ permission of course).

It was a good day, and a busy one. I was ready to lay on my pillows and fall asleep after this day.


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My Master Alduras is the Tavern Master in the city of Rarn. Although he has his own home, he spends much of his time in the tavern. Many free men from the city spend time in the Tavern, drinking paga and watching the girl’s dance. I have begun to learn many of the things I need to know in order to be pleasing to my Master. One of the first things that must be learned is how to address the free of Gor. The free men of Gor are addressed as “Master”, and should always be spoken to first before speaking to a woman of Gor.  The free women of Gor are to be addressed as “Mistress”.

Next, you must learn the correct position to kneel. A slave never sits on the cushions or furniture. She must sit in nadu or bracelet position when in the presence of her Master or the free men of Gor. When you kneel in nadu, your thighs are open wide and you are open and revealed to your Master…complete exposure. To sit in tower, your legs are pressed closely together. Free women will get very upset if a girl sits in nadu position before them.


adira is our Master’s first girl (fg). She has helped me already very much, and will be teaching me and my other sisters (which I have not met as yet) the things we need to know to be pleasing to our Master. She is a very sweet girl and I am happy to have her for my sister. For now I will say good night.  *yawns*

My Master Alduras

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I am not from Gor originally. I am from Earth and I was very much in love with a man. As these things often happen, the man I loved did not love me in return. This left me heartbroken, depressed and full of sadness. One night, after wandering about aimlessly,  I found myself in a strange part of town that I had never been in before. It was dark as the rain pelted down upon me like bitter tears. The last thing I remember was stumbling in the darkness. I am not sure if I hit my head upon falling, but when I awakened I was in a totally new world.


I found myself in a strange forest, frightened and alone. I am not sure how much time had passed, but I became hungry and thirsty…and I feared to spend the night in such a strange place as this. Suddenly I looked up and saw a man walking towards me. I ran to him, crying in relief that I had found another such as myself. Of course, I did not know at the time that he was not as myself, and that he was a man of Gor.

He spoke a different tongue, but he treated me kindly. He picked me up in his strong arms and took me to his home which was not very far away. Once inside, he placed me gently on the floor. There was another girl in his home, his kajira. He spoke some words to her, and she quickly got some bread and water and brought it to me. I thanked her and quickly ate the food offered. Afterwards I was ashamed, as I had forgotten my manners due to my extreme hunger and thirst.

After I had eaten, the man took out a collar from his pocket. The girl adira told me what he wished me to do. I knelt before him, with arms raised and my wrists crossed. I was told to say two words “la kajira”. I did all that was asked of me, and as I said the words he knelt down and gently pulled my hair back away from my neck. He then clasped the collar around my neck…and then it was locked with a loud clank. I now belonged to him.

With the collar secure around my neck, I stood as adira rushed to me and gave me a hug. “We are now sisters” she said, smiling brightly. I returned her smile and returned her hug. I was no longer a lost soul. I now had a Master and a sister. I was later to learn that I had more than one sister.


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Greetings to all who may be reading this blog. My name is ameeka. I am a kajira (slave) of Gor, and have just begun a new adventure within the world of Second Life. I hope that you will visit and read about my adventures here from time to time.


Ameeka as an earth girl.